ATC problem for takeoff

CB(name ATC) - minutes 25 do not grant permission for take-off
Please help me

Providing more information would allow us to help you😀👍

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What airport is this at?

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KLAX airport

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What server?

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Is this the Training Server?

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If its Training server its probably a troll. I would just takeoff if I were you. Check for surrounding traffic first!


I’m almost certain this is on training server since a controller on expert isn’t allowed to open up KLAX today. There’s nothing you can really do unfortunately. People like this ruin the experience for others and it’s unfortunate. Sorry you experienced this.

Yea, you’ll stumble across some Air Traffic TROLLERS here and there. Best way to deal with it is to just check for traffic and proceed with your flight.

are you serios??? he is idiot just

I’m telling you ;) Just takeoff, leave all the trolls behind ;)

such dispatchers in the ban

Like said before, you’ll inevitably come across people like this. Just try ignore them.👍

The Training Server is do Training so with grade 2 being very easy to get he is just acting stupid.

Since there’s no rules that are enforced with ATC on training server, there’s not much disciplinary actions that can be taken.

Ok thanks guys

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On the TS I always give the ATC the benefit of the doubt as you sometimes get some experienced who are training for IFATC or just take it seriously. However if ever on TS I avoid the “big” airports such as LHR, JFK, LAX etc as these get a little chaotic!

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