ATC problem At Sochi

I landed At Sochi Airport this afternoon and the controller said to turn right and contact the Ground.
When i stopped At the Short hold line i asked to cross runway 24 , but the controller thought that i want to Take Off and he handled me to the tower frequency several Times , so for avoiding ghosting i needed to end my Flight without parking At the gate.

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What was the ground contoller’s name?

Sorry but i don’t remember and also isn’t appearing in the replay.

It should appear in the replay. In the replay, go to the map, and tap on the airport icon (URSS) and you should see the controller’s name.

Huh, this isn’t something that should be happening on expert. If you’ve clearly asked to cross runway, the controller should have not mistaken your intention. I suggest you pm him if you can.

That doesn’t work on replay I believe. 🙂

I doubt it, he said it happened this afternoon.

Handling you to tower does not mean always he thought that you will take off
He might wanted the tower to handle your crossing

I Handled some crossing today as a tower ( whoever missed the left exit and turned right )
If i were you i would do whatever ATC tells me.
Asked you to contact tower, contact tower.


I always listen to the atc commands too.
But when he handled me to tower i couldn’t Find the “Cross Runway” command and neither the tower frequency gave me Any command.
So that’s Why i returned to Ground frequency several times.

Can you share your replay?

Or…perhaps he wanted to know when planes were taking off so as not to have to guess with you on ground and takeoffs on tower. Did he ask you to takeoff (rhetorical) or just ask you to go to tower?


He asked me to Go to tower

As I said. Rethorical. You don’t know he thought you wanted to takeoff. You just assumed instead of waiting for his instructions.


Yes i must assume you’re right , but i was staring to get paniced because he might have ghosted me.

I saw you on my replay as i said in pm, you were third in line when i closed the frequency and gave it to my fellow IFATC ( I cannot tell you to cross while you’re third in line 😄), i sent you both tower and ground controller at that time in pm, you can contact them for further details.

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Unless he says hold short and you cross, if he tells you to go to tower and you go to tower, you’re doing what’s asked, so there’s no reason a report would even be a consideration. FNF at a weird airport. It can be a little different than normal. If told to go to tower, probably a reason. Just hang tight and they’ll let you know. (I know you already quit, but for future.)

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Ok , thanks very much for helping me!

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