ATC problem at LFPG

Today at LFPG I had a problem with ATC. They were being so mean to me. I was holding short of runway 26R and was not on the runway. Then the controller said you were not cleared to enter the runway, please exit the runway.

Then, after takeoff, LFPG tower told me to contact Paris center. So I did. Then right when I got on Paris center the ATC controller was already giving me vectors. He or she assigned me a heading and altitude. The part that affected the flight was the altitude I was assigned. Right when I set the autopilot to my assigned altitude the plane was doing a straight nose dive. So then I disengaged the autopilot to try and get the plane back to normal. Things were still the same when I did that. So I decided to end the flight also because the controller gave me a report warning.
In addition to that I unfortunately could not figure out the controller’s name in replay mode. My call sign was Air France 524 so if you were ATC or a pilot at the time, please let me know.

You did enter the runway. Your front wheel is way past the hold short line.


Looks like the team of controllers was @Parshava on local and @Manav_Suri on center. I suggest PMing them.

I can guarantee that we don’t have hurtful or harmful intentions, we want the best for every aircraft. Obviously, we have to stick to procedure, but you get it.


Horrible resolution but you can see what’s going on here


Let’s not start speculating and becoming the IFAA (That’s @TaipeiGuru’s team). Let the controllers PM the OP and we can all move on. After all, we don’t know exactly what happened, he could be taxiing onto the runway, who knows.

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  1. You did enter the runway.
  2. It’s up to you to keep control of your aircraft.

ATC did their job fine here, I think your mistakes were honest mistakes, you learn from your mistakes, it won’t happen again. :)


I think ive seen you i was LOT 6020 (LOT E170 in the right) and i heard about (sorry if i almost cut in line)

Stop. Speculating.

Please read my post above, let the controller(s) and the OP handle it. You don’t know what happened. End of discussion.

Controllers have been tagged above. You can send them a message if you have a question 😊