ATC Problem at LFPG

I was descending into LFPG , as the approach wasn’t active , I contacted tower .
The tower instructed me to make a right 360 . As I started to make my right 360 ,the ATC has instructed me after 5 second to enter left base into runway 26 L.
I entered left base runway 26L , and the ATC has told me to follow instructions when I was following the instructions !
I thought that he may reffered to the right 360 , so I started again my 360.
After that , he told me to follow instructions or I will be ghosted.
At this point , because of the confusion and to avoid a possible ghosting , i exited my flight without landing .

*I’m N584GABY *

Please see @DiamondGaming4’s post below.

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The user wasn’t ghosted, so it won’t pop up in the logbook.

I’m going to assume it’s the current tower controller. I’ll let him know and have him DM you.


I should have read it completely before writing a post, very sorry, thanks for informing me!

Controller has been notified and will be in touch