ATC Problem at Heathrow

So, I recently spawned in on a training server at Heathrow, oh my god, the ATC there. The same issue occurred yesterday as well. Yesterday, they literally got EVERYONE to take off at only one runway. Jeez… I couldn’t EVER PUSHBACK! There were to many airplanes in the way. It took like 1 and a half hours to takeoff! Moreover, everyone was getting impatient and that was when collisions started. My second complaint of which happened today was this person. He literally cleared 2 people for take off on both sides of the runway! So, I didn’t notice that. I was at 100kts and, CANCEL TAKEOFF CLEARANCE. Also, he told me to backtaxi, then he just told me to get off the runway! There’s a big difference between backtaxing and just getting off the runway. You can see his name below:

I think it was @Bibaho.

Unfortunately it’s the training server and not much can be done as people are learning how ATC works on the training server. If you want this to not happen don’t fly to those big hot spot airports or don’t fly with ATC. Go on the expert server or work up for it if you haven’t already got it. Please do not name names as it’s considered publicly humiliating someone and can be embarrassing being the one put on the spotlight.


already to start Hello
I never authorized the plane which was in front of you to put it on the runway as well as to take off you can watch the replay if it interests you the person in front appeared on my map when it was at 55 knots more it was not connected to my ATC, so given that you were there I asked you simply to stop your takeoff because of this person who came without reason on the runway, unfortunately you l 'may have been taken wrong but I’m sorry.

Then as people know that they do not receive any sanction when they do that they continue I am even to fall on a person 10 minutes ago doing a boarding (open cargo door) on the main runway so good …

Those are the key words. Thanks for telling us at the beginning so we don’t need to read the full story 🙂

What happens in TS stays in TS 👍


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