ATC Problem at EPKK



So I have checked the positions for EPKK, And there are Tower 118.10 and Approach on 121.07.

This is wrong. According to Wikipedia, Ground is on 118.10, and Tower is on 123.25 MHz.

This means that we should have 3 total positions for EPKK;

Tower - 123.25
Ground - 118.10
Approach - 121.07
And exclusively ATIS - 126.12

Please fix.


This is handled by the airport editors.
@Balloonchaser care to chime in?


Just in case some proof: image


Hello SpeedPlayz,

I’m also an airport editor, and you are correct, thanks for bringing this to our attention, in fact, there should be 6 frequencies as noted by Skyvector. This is something we are looking into fixing.

SkyVector Information for EPKK

Best regards,
Aceorbit-Project Minnesota


I’m already fixing the frequencies. This will be available in the next scenery push.


Great catch @SpeedPlayz! Thanks editors for all your amazing work!


Frequencies fixed according to Skyvector. The airport’s name was also changed. This airport will also need some redo too, but that will be later when time is on my favor, for now I fixed the frequencies.