ATC Problem at CLT! (Resolved)

No, KCLT has a Ground Stop with flights delayed until Tower can be re-established

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Then Taxi to 18C, you’ll see me there. I’ve been standing there for like 31 mins now.

Do not tag any Mods, they are already working on it!

You need to switch to unicom.

I didn’t know!!!

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There are multiple post stating it is being worked on…

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may I see one?

Just scroll up and take a look.

Don’t see it.,

You’re welcome.


So you don’t see where I said it is being worked on, or a fellow controller said Tyler is working on it?

Oh, nvm, I saw that. sorry, I thought you meant a new thread.

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I’m sorry… I’m just tired, it’s 10:34pm (EST) over here in New Hampshire ;_;

Its fine, enjoy the rest of your night.

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Just landed back in CLT. I will post the photos tomorrow. Goodnight…

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Okay thank you, I created a thread with this and I appologize for the duplicate. I sat at runway 18C right now for 15 minutes before backing up and taxiing back to the gate. Needless to say my spirit passengers have another bone they can add to the anger pile.
I hope this situation gets resolved.

The flight has been canceled.


That’s fine @Tbynum94 lol I sat at the hold short for 16 minutes and eventually back taxied to the gate where I had to offload all my spirit passengers so they could scream at the pilots and throw tantrums but it’s fine ;)
Needless to say the flight has been grounded. Spirit doesn’t want to fly without noble IFATC like yourself there.
I hope this gets resolved so no one else gets confused like me


Here are the photos as promised :D!

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Wait, you were UFO 640 call sign? I saw you lol.