ATC Problem at CLT! (Resolved)

10:10pm EST on August 1, 2016.

We have a problem at Charlotte with tower right now, we need someone to man tower for us at CLT

-Advanced server 1
-Seven (7) Aircraft have been holding short 18C for about 20 minutes now.

This problem is happening as I was typing this
Tower person is: IFTAC-tybnum94 (Not responding to our ATC calls)

EDIT: People are taking off without clearance since Tower is not responding

EDIT: we now have 5 people waiting to either cross, or takeoff from 18C

EDIT: ATC being worked on. A glitch occurred. And I also have photos that I will post tomorrow :) ;)

LAST EDIT: It was actually a rather interesting night, but I can now say that It was awesome seeing all the planes lined up. Photos tomorrow :D!!! Goodnight!


Situation remains the same. I am currently #1 for departure at 18C everyone in front of me just took off without clearance.


I spoke to @Tbynum94 via Slack and he says his IF is glitched right now. I was trying to takeover KCLT ground and tower but he says IF won’t show him as offline.

You guys might as well just takeoff without clearance, there’s nothing he can do about it.


You’re next to me!! Do you see me?? I am waiting at 18C as well

I’m in the C17.

Ok taking off.

We have a situation, IF is not letting me get off the tower frequency. I have restarted the app and also signed out of my account, nothing is working… We are working to get it fixed. Thanks for understanding.


Yes, I’m in the US AIrways Express E170.

No Problem. I guess all flights are grounded?

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Ok. UFO 640 ready for takeoff at 18C departing east.

Just fly as if there is a unicom… DO NOT act like play ground pilots


Everyone taxied through me and took off while aircraft on short final already. Too late.


Sorry for the inconvenience guys.


I have an American A320 behind me. I feel as though he’s going to pass me

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Everyone at Charlotte just hang tight. Tyler is working to fix the issue.

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I’m already 29 minutes late for my flight to KFLO

Now everyone in my plane is asking for a refund!! Nooooo! I had to break the news to my passengers.


I could switch to unicom. Did so and announced takeoff. C’YAAA.

I didn’t hear anything?

@Mark_Denton Help us please

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