ATC problem Approach

Hi everyone . My problems with ATC
How connect to ATC approach if it is far? Expert Server

Can you describe your issue a bit more?

Usually you can connect within 50nm of your destination.

To avoid being ghosted, you should be well below 18000ft and around 15000-12000ft so the atc knows you’re descending to the airport


Here ya go


We don’t ghost for contacting us at FL340 FL 380 etc. which many ppls do … Coming lower i.e. around 50nm,below 18k MSL jus helps us and you.


Yep den u gon get put in a hold pattern smh

Thank you very much everyone. I received for it the ban :)
I didn’t know about 50nm -10000 ft . When Approach team connecting with me but I couldn’t connect to ATC approach. and because of it received the ban

Have you any ATC instructions ? send me please email address. Thank You

Please send me the instruction as to a photo or the reference where I will be able to take such information. Thanks

Are you asking where he got this image?

You were ghosted because you couldn‘t tune into approach frequency?

The picture is from the ATC manual.

Yes please

Not . I couldnt connecting to ATC Approach because I was far and more approach ATC was offline.

See @sebi-ue’s comment as to where the image was found. :)

What do you mean by „ban“ then?

thank you for information

ATC Approach was offline but ATC tell me please contacting to APPROACH .

You’ll need to show a replay or screenshot or something, because I don’t understand. How did Approach tell you to contact Approach if it was offline?

If you got on guarded my an ATC, the frequency must have been staffed. Do you remember if you were inside the 50nm radius of the airport and below FL180? If not, the ATC shouldn‘t have on guarded you. You can also check the replay for that.