ATC Preferred SIDs


We’ve all seen IFATC use preferred STARs - however I have very rarely seen them use preferred SIDs. Why is this?

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Generally there are less need for departures to be controlled than approaches to much less runways with a higher rate traffic.

In other words, departures can be going to anywhere across the globe. Their departures can range anywhere, along with their SIDS. Unless arrival traffic is practically surrounding the airport, then departure SIDS would be of use. There isn’t a likely chance for them to collide or come too close to eachother.

Arrival procedures are used since there is a lot higher rate of traffic inbound from all directions, and these need to be organized into neat lines before getting to the runway, otherwise you’ll have everyone everywhere trying to get to the same spot.


I think it is because Approach is more in need for STARs and them to be preferred

But with departure it is more simple

And what the post above says

PM me if i am wrong

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