ATC pre global

it is rare that something will annoy me if it is not in real life. but this is one of those rare occasions . I have noticed that because of global for obvious reasons the old servers get less activity as few people don’t have global . but there are enough to have fun. I have also noticed that it is no longerror taken seriously at all - and has become a game because people don’t think it is noticed . for examale earlier on while doing tower at KSFO-KHAF - a chap decided to take off - do a touch and go without my pemission - and then when I have him a please check the support forums notice - he decided to ’ buzz ’ me - causing a near miss and cancelled take off as he flew straight over the holding point of runway 01l - where another aircraft was taxiing to take off . just thought it was worthe bringing up and seeing if anything can be done and if anyone else has had the same situation .

I can’t really see how this is a support problem. You can post in #live but yes this does happen, there are noobs. We have to ignore them and live with TS1 sometimes. Sorry

what is more worrying is that he wasn’t a grade 1
I believe he was 2 or 3

We’ve danced this TS1 dance more than a few times. Training servers will always be training servers.