ATC Practise @ KMDW (Chicago) - Closed

Scheduled to do my practical and would like to sneak a practice sesh in. If you’re a serious pilot, please come and join me at KMDW in the Chicago region on TS1. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

If you want serious pilots at least be expert or even casual u really don’t get ✌🏼Serious ✌🏼 Pilots

If he’s practiceing he may not be able to do it on expert and casual you have zero ATC service’s

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Oh yes that is true.

@CaptainPlanet if your still in the tower I’ll join and let ya get some time in

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awesome! Im still here.

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Thank you @sapper and those that came to help out!

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Practical test for IFATC. That’s why he’s on TS1.


Good luck on your test… hope to see you on IFATC Slack soon.

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