ATC Practise @KFLL (South Flo)-Closed

Come and do some t&g at KFLL (South Florida)
Serious pilots only

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Sorry I have to close my wifi went down.

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Wifi is back I am reopening now!

Will be there in a bit. Food first…

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Good job, sorry I didn’t park fully.

Thank you. Oh no problem ;)

So now that is closed I want to thank you to all who came. How was my controlling?

Excellent control! I didn’t see any mistakes and I made ten t & g. Thank you.
Croatia 1

Thank you Croatia 1 :D how many XP did you have XD

I don’t know, but few more minutes and I will be Grade 5 :)))))))

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So how was it? No errors or anything you want to add?

Tomorrow I will do a training session with Josh I want to impress him ☺

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