ATC practicing Approach on KEGE and KASE [CLOSED]

Hello community,

If you can manage as Approach ATC in the KASE & KEGE area in the Denver region, you can pretty much manage it anywhere. This is a big statement, I know, but it’s the reason that IFATC’s get trained on Approach in this area (amongst others of course).

And I’m currently one of those guys in training, asking for your help over the next 1 hour period.

I have opened Approach on KASE on TS1 (KEGE does not have an Approach frequency) and I ask if you can find some time to fly and ask for Approach for runway 25 on KEGE or runway 15 at KASE. These are the inbound runways used normally.

Hope to see some of you there. And…hope I can return the favour to someone :-)

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Maybe I can come but I doubt it, since my bus going home takes a lot of time. We’ll see :)

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Coming as VP-MAX from KEGE :)

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KASE is one of those places where you can’t really clear at the cone. If you try to clear at the cone, your altitude needs to be around 10k. Except to clear that low puts you with a mouthful of terrain at FIMSO. Try clearing a little farther out: 12k @ LIFTT or 11k @ JARGU (but you have to be careful how you get to 11k, you have to clear that mound to the west of those two points).

I also prefer to use headings with 30-degree increments related to the headings of the pattern legs. 210-then-180-then-150. Or 300-then-330 on a missed approach. 150-then-90-then-120 (or skip the 90) on an intercept.


Good info Tim. Appears inline from what I learned from Regan. Will have a good look at it and fly this myself first


@azeeuwnl If you’d like, after my approach at KEGE you can try clearing me by @Tim_B’s advice at either of the points?

Will give it a go. Need to some more study on this perhaps…

Tim, does this not leave us with a risk of handing over to Tower while the aircraft is still too high?

hmmm… how do I miss the intercept at KEGE? It was looking soo good from here…

Here’s how I fly it, and try to keep my inbounds around. You can take them north of the mound and clear at 12000 @ LIFTT. Or if you think that’s a tad far out, you can clear at 11k @ JARGU. You’ll have to cut across the mound a bit for the latter, just make sure you keep it to the eastern part of the mound and start the descent late enough that they don’t come too close. It’s steeper in the middle, but it is possible to time the 12k-11k descent such that they don’t pass below 1k AGL over that part of the mound, as long as you don’t go right over the middle, where it’s steepest.


As I always say, the localizer and glidescope don’t begin and end at the cone.

The cone is simply a visual aid. You would need to clear at the cone at 10500, but you’ll notice that isn’t an option. 9500 is the last multiple of 500. 10k is too low, 11k too high.

If they’re at 11k at JARGU, they’re on the localizer and the glidescope.

[If you’re referring to 10000 as tower airspace, remember 12k is only 4200 feet AGL.]

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Thanks to all who came: Mike, Reltzer, Marcello, Michael. Awesome - thanks for your support and input.


@azeeuwnl Thanks for the service! The last intercept was spot on, both altitude and the angle.

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I was too late, sorry @azeeuwnl.

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