Atc practice

Hey everyone,

I want to get some practice before I do any test for IFATC. But what’s the best way to practice. I don’t really know how to because know on will listen to me on training server. So I need some advice.

I’d advise you open up a tracking thread! That way you will get pilots who are serious from here on the IFC.


Hey! I love to see you passionate about controlling, follow this thread to learn how to make an ATC tracking thread!

Does it matter if I’m on training server?

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ATC Tracking threads are made for Training Server!

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Ohh okay. Thx

@Sashaz55 And do I just make a new topic to do so?

Yes. @Josh_Smith

Alright got it. And thx.

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Josh happy to get a message from you and go fly from where you set up.
Good luck

Hey Josh, if you’re thinking about creating an ATC tracking thread for yourself here on the forums, it might be helpful to use the search function and type: ATC tracking thread. A plethora of results will show up both for those who previously had tracking threads and are now IFATC controllers, and those who are still currently working their way to becoming IFATC controllers. You’ll get an idea of how to format your tracking thread and see which airfields other users use to practice.

Hope this helps,
-Moosehead :)

Thank you so much.

You guys have no idea how helpful this was. I written everything I needed to write down in my notes. And we will se what happens.


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