ATC Practice?

Hey everyone!
I would like to become an ATC on the expert server, and I would like to know where I could Practice for it?


You can practice on Training Server.

I mean the theoretical

A great source before you start applying for IFATC is the #tutorials category and starting a tracking thread.


Here’s a link to get started once you’ve met the requirements: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


I’m in the same situation but worse. I failed my first two and now am desperate to pass the last one.

Don’t rush, I was a victim of doing this. Just take your time & read every answer carefully & you’ll be alright.

I’m currently in the ATC Training process (you’ve been to a few of my sessions) but there isn’t really much that the trainers are allowed to help with in regards to the written exam.

Ah, now I remember your name. Only advice is take your time on the written test.


There are two tests @Darius_Glover?

Yes @anon55618039 the theory also called as written and practical test

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As darius said above👆, take your time with the written.

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Yes, there’s a practical & written test.

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You can practice in Training Server or in some other ATC Sims like

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