ATC Practice

Hey guys, I have an ATC tracking thread, with little to no activity, and was wondering if anyone can drop by and give me some feedback

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You already have a tracking thread, bump it, if no one shows up try again later. There is no need for another post.

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We don’t need another post in regards to getting more people to come to your already existing tracking thread.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re the same person that made a post in regards to ghosting complaints clogging the forum…well this is doing the same.

Ill get some practice tomorrow and go to sleep. I made that post because people are always posting topics about being reported. And I’m not trying to draw attention, I’m trying to get a singular person that could give me feedback on my ATC skills.

Which is the sole purpose for ATC Tracking Threads. Good luck with getting some people to your sessions.

Get some sleep, you need it. Goodnight.

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