Come into the sydney region right now! We will be using one runway and one runway only! Please follow all my instructions remember i know what im doing. Ts1 By the way ;) See you there!

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We will only use runway 16R!

Wow lots of aircraft! Perfectly sequnced on my part! But some people dont follow instructions. This is why i hate ts1 . Anyway how did i do?

All ok, but than on the end…

No buddy, its either clear for the option or clear to land, if i clear you to land it obvious that you’re going to perform a full stop, you only report that when you have not been sequnced or cleared. To much reports after Being cleared can lead to ghosting as you are just reporting duplicite messages.

Or you could just request for landing. Sidney kingsford tower croatia one is 7 nautical miles to the north inbound on the ils runway 16R, If you know you will make a full stop landing just give that command before we clear you for the option. Thank you,

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