ATC Practice - @WSSS [Closed]

Go to Wsss, signapore changi Airport In the signapore and Kuala Lumpur region! Remain in the patter and test me out!

Ah I was wondering who was running tower at WSSS. I was trying to fly a WSSS-WMKK and TWR was giving me some very odd instructions. Prob not helped as TWR was not running GND as well so was trying to give odd taxi instructions…

Would suggest that you have a bit more of a study of the tutorials and perhaps open a smaller airfield ( one runway) first to get more experience.

Singapore 306 Heavy

No david… that was not me… trust me i dont control like that i am very experienced. There was no one one for 20 minutes then decided to close

Ok that’s great ! :-). Yes who ever was controlling at about 2100Z needs a bit more practice.

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