ATC Practice- TFFR (TS1) (CLOSED)

Currently open at TFFR

Pattern Work is accepted

Please say your callsign,plane,livery bellow.

NOTAM:Follow all instructions

I wanted to come but it is already closed…

The airspce was empty for like 45 mins i’ll open it back if you want.

Ok I will be there! Callsign: Air France 1 1 9

I Will open it in like 15 mins because im doing a flight right now and need to land.

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Can you tell me when you are opening a session. I haveto go and eat my dinner.

Opening in 20 minutes

I will be there in 15 min

Ok tell me when your there

I am coming! I will test your ATC skills :)

Open it up im coming

Opening it in 5 mins

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What gate are you spawning in? so i could spawn in next to you

Idk I will see and you?

It’s opened right now

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In which region is TFFR?

Are you active? Right now

Yep I am active right now

App crashed…How was my controlling?

Sorry for the begining of the session but I had some bugs and I lost my map…
You are good but there are some flaws:

-you didn’t instruct me an exit runway command so I could create a conflict with the 747 who was holding short :) but I am nice and intelligent enough to not do that.

-there is no need to say make right traffic in every clearance for the option. You already instructed me to make right traffic during takeoff clearance.

-When I announced a missed approach you told me to go around make right traffic. It is a useless instruction in this case I was already performing a go around because I annouced a missed approach. only a pattern instruction must be given.

You made a good use of the give way command and the back taxi command aswell. You also noticed that I was at 5000ft (I did it on purpose) and you told me to descend to pattern altitude 👍