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I was doing ATC practice test for IFATC…there was question which was in my opinion will be wrong, please correct me if I’m wrong. Question number 6.
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Hmm…it should be - “Speedbird 1229, give way to aircraft on your right!”

Shouldn’t it? - someone correct me if I’m wrong.


No, I’d say it’s correct. Giving the give way command is much easier and faster than giving “Expect prog. taxi instructions” then the instruction.


Even I think that it’s correct. Give way to aircraft is much more convenient


Exactly, that is what it should be according to me. So, in this case option ‘D’ automatically becomes a wrong option.


I agree, Option D should be “Speedbird 1229, give way to the aircraft to your right


But the option D is kind of confusing, isn’t it?

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Oh yeah, that’s true. Just realised that

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That’s why expect progressive taxi instructions clicks in my mind first. Because this command will let the pilot to get ready for my instructions, whether to stop or follow aircraft on left/right and all kind of things without breaking the ground flow

I’ll do a full breakdown with some basic visual guides to help you understand all commands and their effects:

Here is Air France 631 taxiing parallel to runway 36, with Speedbird 1229 on their left approaching the intersection.

Now let’s put them through a scenario with each ATC command:

Air France 631, hold position.

So, If we told Air France 631 to hold position, they would stop where they are on the taxiway until you tell them to continue taxi. They may stop immediately, or they may stop slowly and a little further down the taxiway. This makes the aircraft unsure where to stop and can get them in a bit of a bad position sometimes since they haven’t actually been instructed to let Speedbird 1229 pass by. Issue is, this would create two commands for the controller, and instructing the aircraft to continue taxi.

Speedbird 1229, expect progressive taxi instructions

If we told Speedbird 1229 to expect progressive taxi instructions, they would not stop, or change their own direction of travel unless you instruct them something else. You most likely wouldn’t be able to reach another command in time if you did, and if you were going to instruct them to turn a different direction on the next taxiway, where would this lead? What options would the aircraft have to travel to the runway (or gate) except from onto the same taxiway as Air France 631?

Speedbird 1229, continue taxi

Well, you’re instructing both aircraft to continue their direction of travel, and not giving either one an instruction to be aware, or to slow down for the other aircraft. This will easily create a conflict.

Speedbird 1229, give way to aircraft on your left

This as pointed out is incorrect. Air France 631 is on Speedbird 1229’s right. Say it was right in the test) Instructing Speedbird 1229 to give way, would let them know they must slow down and let the aircraft to their right pass with no conflict, no trouble, and all with one easy to access command.

Sounds like a bit of a lecture here, but I hoped I helped you understand the differences between these commands, and what would be the correct to use in a situation where something like this comes along!


Give way is the correct command, but here is a little confusion regarding direction. According to real world scenario “right of way” is the correct way to tackle with aircraft on ground as well as in air.


Pilots aren’t really aware on who has right of way in game and generally will continue their taxi until the last second, so ATC use what they can which is in the form of progressive taxi and give way commands to keep aircraft on their own track.

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So taking account of that screenshot of practice test, Option D may not be correct completely.

But in practice test if I don’t have that option to give way to the aircraft on the right, so in that case progressive taxi might be good option isn’t it?

The answer was amended to right vs left. Give way should be used and is more expeditious. Thanks for the feedback.


This was a question without illustrations, so unless you saw or knew the taxiway options for " Speedbird 1229" , you can’t tell them to progressive taxi …therefore" give way" would be more correct.

By the sounds of it, the left and right has been corrected 🙂

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