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ATC Practice Test • Now Available!

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I am pleased to announce that an ATC Practice Test is now available for all ATC candidates to gauge their knowledge level and preparedness for the IFATC recruiting process. This test is not mandatory but may be taken by anyone interested in joining IFATC and should be used to identify areas that you should focus on prior to beginning your recruiting and training journey.

Test Information

  • Subjects Evaluated: Tower & Ground
  • Questions: 15
  • Time Limit: 20 Minutes
  • Pass/Fail: No passing score, % only
  • Password: No Password Required
  • Limit one test per day. Limit two total attempts.
  • Information Required: First/Last Name & Valid Email Address
  • Upon completion of your ATC Practice Test you will receive an automatic email with your score, test questions, correct answers, and a percentage for each category to identify areas of improvement.

Official Infinite Flight ATC YouTube Tutorials

Infinite Flight ATC Manual

Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

This test will not be tracked, recorded, or saved by the IFATC Recruiting and Training Staff. Results may be shared with your training team to focus their training efforts. Test questions will be added periodically.

Fine Print

Distributing the test questions and/or answers to parties other than official IFATC Recruiters and Trainers will be perceived as a test compromise and will terminate your eligibility for the IFATC Program. Please help us preserve this practice test for the benefit of our future IFATC members.

Effective 23 April 2020

Note that we are allocated a specific number of test credits each month.

  • Test Limit Per Day: 1
  • Total Test Limit: 2
  • Current IFATC Members may not take the Practice Test in an effort to preserve test credits

I recommend utilizing your two total attempts to first gauge your preparedness and treat your second as a mock exam and test prep before the official IFATC Exam.


Is this practice for the written test, the practical, or both?

It’s for the written test. The practical is physically taken inside of Infinite Flight on training server, essentially you spawn in at an airport and you control 4-5 aircraft remaining in the pattern.

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Yeah, thats what I thought. Thanks @Tyler_Shelton for putting this together!

This is a great tool! Thanks Tyler

Great tool Thanks Tyler!

Thanks for this Tyler, its really useful for me.

Can anyone take it?

Yes, anyone can take it. But please remember to keep your questions and answers confidential unless sharing them with your trainer/recruiter.


This is great! I’m so happy it’s out now! More resources to help everyone pass their exams. Love it!

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Awesome idea thanks so much @Tyler_Shelton

I did the exam for preparation of my 14th birthday in about a month! I plan to PM a recruiter the second I wake up, 😂 I passed the fake “written” so I know I can do it again!

Great resource, Tyler! I am an IFATC already and I still learned a thing or two after completing this test. This will be a great resource for those who either want to become IFATC or just to refresh their knowledge. Thanks! :)

Do you still have to do the official written test even if you got more than 80% on this test?

Yes, this is just a practice test. Similar to any exam you do - if you do well on the practice exam it doesn’t mean you don’t do the real thing as well :)


Are we allowed to share our results from the test with the community?

No, it specifies in the instructions that you may share them with a recruiter or trainer only.

It says you can’t share questions or answers. I don’t see anything about results.

It falls under the same category. A user shared his results earlier and his post was removed by moderators. Best to just keep it private. :)