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So I just took the Ifatc practice test and didn’t do to well on some questions. The thing I’m mostly confused about is the traffic to follow is on final stuff. Can someone help me bc I don’t usually hear atc using those

Reading through the ATC Manual gives you a comprehensive understanding on how to control. I’ve linked the sequencing section below.

This would be called sequencing. It’s is mainly used when more than one aircraft is inbound for the same runway or with pattern work. This would be used to tell aircraft which other aircraft to follow ahead.


If N123 was on right downwind and N678 was heading for the same runway but was behind N123, this command would be used like this:

“N678, Number 2, Traffic to follow is on right downwind”

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Hello, that’s what it’s called sequencing, and it’s usually used for pattern work. It basically tells you who you are following, and you will have to maintain separation with the traffic you are following.

Let’s put this image as an example


Let’s say there is a plane on base, while the aircraft on downwind ask for inbound (no approach frequency btw). Here, a pattern entry must be used, and the sequence will be required since the airplane must follow the traffic on base. And after that, the clearence.

In that case, it should be “Enter Downwind, Runway XX, Number 3, Traffic to follow is on base (Number one is on final, number two is on base, so the plane is 3)”

The section linked by @LeoC will make you understand better ;)

So the phrase traffic to follow is on final or base or downwind isn’t used if they went flying pattern. But their place in the line like number 2 is used just not the follow part.

It’s primarily used with pattern work but it can also be used for inbounds

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That makes sense. So the cleared to land feature is used with number 1234 and so on but is optional with the follow

Both on sequence and clearence you must use the number. It indecates the landing sequence

Yes I know but not the following stuff unless they are flying a traffic pattern

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