ATC practice session: EGBB TS1 T/G CLOSED!

Hello guys,

I am about to practice some tower and and ground control at EGBB.

Please help me with patterns or anything and by leaving your feedback below. Thanks.

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I’ll try to be there ion about 15 minutes for you :)

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I’ll be there! D-FDAK, 208

4 out of 10, because I taxied to rwy 33, and I held short. I asked for clearance for takeoff and I was remaining in the pattern. The controller than said hold short rwy 33. So I did just that. There was no aircraft on final on either side or taking off on either side. Also he took a long time to respond to statements but other than that, he was good. 👍

I am really sorry guys, I could not handle it. I’ve got almost 3K operations, I thought I have a clue what I’m doing by now.
Makes extremely hard with some people asking for take off clearance remaining in the pattern than departing wherever, asking for transition after take off instead of entering the pattern or simply just ignore on guard warnings and pattern instructions and land from the opposite side into the flow or just for the fun simply taxiing to 33 ignoring the instructions to taxi to 15.

A really good example was the grade 4 guy in the A380 ignoring every single on guard message, and landing on 33 whilst everyone departed from 15. If this is how we meant to act on Grade 4 than I’d rather give back mine… I know it’s TS, but come on… I wish I could report him for such behaviour but my intention was to practise not to get mental on such things.

I’ll probably give it another go, any airport suggestions welcomed.

Thank you for everyone who turned up as a response to this thread and I’m terribly sorry for being such a huge disappointment.

I sadly wasn’t able to make it in time, but if you don’t want to have to deal with annoying TS1 pilots but still want to control on TS1, don’t control in regions such as Southern California, London, or San Fransisco. Your other option, is to try to become an IFATC. Feel free to contact a trainer like myself if you want some help to work on your skills beforehand :)


Thanks. I had an aircraft awaiting for take off clearance on the other end and also another couple inbound for 33 who ignored my “request” to enter a pattern for 15 instead. I was waiting for a gap where I can issue a back taxi for you, although you ignored my instruction to taxi to 15 with your 208 after you’ve requested taxi for 33.

London, even though paid, is chock full of Nimrods I’m afraid 😢

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“Work in progress” as I should say. Passed the written, trying to practice before the practical. I wish we could have “met” under better circumstances. Your feedback could have helped me a lot.
London is my favourite region, I tend to control there.
Being TS or not, I was expecting from someone, being on Grade 4 (A380 guy), to follow instructions. Well, there’s no ghosting on TS so anything goes?

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Well, I wouldn’t call anyone on names. I would say nice people but with insufficient knowledge. :) Asking for pattern than departing is something that happens all the time. But having a grade 4 pilot ignoring on guard messages until he was on the ground is not something I consider as tolerable. Just because he can not be ghosted for such thing?
On the other hand, I understand why he ignored me. Tried to land after a probably long flight, being already on the ILS, was in a rush to land and had no time to enter a pattern for 15 and spend an extra like 5 mins or so to be nice and helpful. I have encountered controllers who had no idea what they are doing: received on guard messages from EGLL ground whilst I was almost on final to EGHH.
I thought I know what I’m doing but I might have to reconsider that.

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I know, it can be so aggravating, it’s like even though they know what to do, they deliberately ignore it just because there is no consequences if they don’t follow instructions. This is why I gave up flying and controlling on TS1 because I can’t stand it.

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Trust me, I was looking at the instructions you were giving people and they were completely correct, if pilots don’t want to follow it, then it’s there problem, it’s not your fault. I hope you do well in your practical :)

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Are you sure that you gave me taxi clearance for rwy 15? Because I’m pretty sure you said 33

I am not saying everything I did in that roughly 10-15 mins was right, but I’ve sent everyone to 15 so I don’t see the point why I would have sent you to 33.
I do not normally remember every single instruction I give in a session , but as far as I remember you have asked for taxi clearance to 33 and I responded “taxi to 15”. If for some reason by a mistap it went out as “taxi to 33”, than I am sorry.
I am not questioning your knowledge or professionalism. If the mistake been made on my side, then I’m sorry, I didn’t meant my comment to be rude or cocky against you. If however it was a misunderstanding on your side, than simply don’t worry about it. We are all humans! Without the inbound traffic for 33 I could have easily got this sorted by a back taxi, or simply let you take off from 33. I have had no issue with you, so please don’t take it personal or anything. Mistakes happen, especially on TS.

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Hey man it’s alright!

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