ATC Practice @ KUES on PG [Closed]

No because there was a aircraft that entered the runway right before you landed, I wanted to make sure no accidents happened. As for everyone else, pm me and I will explain whatever you need.

• When cancelling a take off clearance, use the command that says cancel take off clearance
• You didn’t clear me to land twice and you told me that I was already clear to land.
• You mist the sequence instructions when I took off and was located in the downwind.
• Don’t send someone around at 100 feet from the ground
• Transitions are at 5,000 feet or below to protect your own.
Out of that it was good

Blently//Advence ATC Specialist


Actually no pattern entry-ies should be given, the aircraft is already in the pattern!

Should be sequenced of course


I meant, he didn’t give any right or left traffic instructions with the option clearence.

I gave those after. That is just my preference.

He musnt gave you left/ right Traffic when he cleared you for The Option… He has cleared you for takeoff make legt Traffic. And when you do T&G on The Same Runway, he musnt gave you left/right Traffic again… Only when you changed The Runway …

@Pilot8 @ChrizZz always give a direction for the option unless you don’t care which way they turn.

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I have noticed this is quite different from controller to controller, but the way I learnt that is when you clear an aircraft for takeoff making right or left traffic, then clear for the option, you don’t state their direction if you don’t want to change it. This is really nit picky, so nothing to worry about too much.


I have That learned so Too… Only when the Runway changes Or you want That the Aircraft Fly other Traffic than give ihm clrd Option with left/Right traffic

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