ATC Practice @ KUES on PG [Closed]

Please come join me as I get ready for my IFATC testing.
Feedback is appreciated :)
@Skylines @PlanesForLife @JFKPlaneSpotter101 @IceBlue
EDIT- Thanks for coming! Here is a pic.

Getting prepared now, buddy:)

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So you are coming?

Yep, just setting up

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Going to take a shower and I will be right there :)

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I will come in 5 Minutes… Can you come to fly pattern in one Hour and i make Atc? I Must practice for The Test too 😂😂?

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Bombing down from OSH…

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That is who it is!

Message me when finished

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do you know what region this is ?

Why you dont cleared the sirplaned for immediate takeoff? Its Time enough… I weit now 2 Minutes “Short” at RW 10 and The other airplane is didnt on The RW 😂😂

It is Oshkosh

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Were you behind me?

Yes 😂 And i ask myself why he dont cleared you for an immediate takeoff 😂


  • No pattern entry command on touch & go’s, you just cleared me for the option… When I had reported touch & go

  • Avoid unecessary report doesnt apply to pattern aircraft unless landing

  • Wrong sequencing when @dkennedy82 was on short final, you gave me 1st position.

  • Late runway exit command

  • You didn’t give any pattern instructions when I changed runways

Apart from that, you did so much better than last time and good luck with your test.


I’m already there

Hi ho, i want to give you my Feedback…
I Hope you Understand ne, because my english is mit really good 😭

1: After you cleared me to takeoff left Traffic… You dont sequencing me Or other Aircrafts, you cleared me for The Option nr 2 Or 3 But i dont know wich Aircraft i Must follow…
At my Last landing you cleared ne again for landing and if i had touched The Runway you gave ne a to around… I think its “a Little bit to Late for a to around”


Why did I need to make a go around? Runway was cleared and there wasn’t any traffic close to me?

It was overall good but you kept on forgetting to sequence me after I made the stop and go so I gave those position reports to almond of remind you. Also on one of my landing you forgot to clear me to land and you said “you’re already cleared to land…” But I wasn’t cleared to land. On my first landing you forgot to say that traffic I should make and you only said cleared for option instead of saying "make left traffic or “make right traffic”

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This is completely inaccurate

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