ATC practice @ KORD [Closed]

Would like to practice my ATC Skills, and give the Chicago Region some love :)

Feedback Welcome,

Training Server 1

I’ll be coming. TS 1 might still have the bug where callouts such as sequencing and go around responses do not read out properly. Just mentioning it. I probably won’t be able to give you consecutive-enough criticism with that in effect. I’ll be coming anyways



  • There should have been an exit runway command after landing, seeing that I was slowing down rapidly, not normal for a touch and go. Make sure, if you see that, that they stop slowing between 30-5 knots. They may be going for a stop and go, although it is normally uncommon.
    -The pattern entry should have been to left downwind, not base. If I was closer to the ILS intercept then to the threshold of the runway, a pattern entry on bade would have worked, but because I was (drastically) closer to the threshold, it was a wrong move. I did follow as instructed, though
    -(@sk28) The on guards from Approach were unnecessary, as I was turning onto downwind in the Tower traffic pattern. Having a Tower Pattern and Approach Pattern for the same runway at the same time is completely normal, and legal. It is up to the tower control to decide if they want to do that, since it’s there job to make sure the aircraft doing pattern work on the tower pattern fits into the traffic pattern of the approach upon turning base, not the other way around (proper communication and team work between the controller for Tower and APP is totally legal, leaving space in between APP approaches for the Tower is totally legal, and a great idea for working together when traffic isn’t busy) Usually when traffic is busy Tower would send all pattern work to APP so all the pilots are synchronized and spaced properly. Still with that, the pilot is not supposed to or allowed to switch frequencies until instructed by the controller. That includes Tower to Departure (Or APP if the APP controller is okay with that and DEP isn’t online) Tower to Ground (it’s included in the exit runway command) Ground to Tower (Included in the taxi command) and every way between APP/DEP/CTR.
    There was no one else in that pattern for me to see sequencing, sadly. If you want help and or training, PM me, and I’d be happy to help you out, ElCapitan! :)

Sorry, I wasn’t sure what to do in that disruption, thanks for the explanation.

No worries. It’s a learning experience. “Training” Server ;)

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@ElCapitan Next time try to put multiple aircrafts on one runway in the pattern, so you can practice sequencing. No exit runway command, no need to change frequency from ground to tower and vice versa, pilots are supposed to do this themselves. ( it’s in the taxi to runway command and exit runway command as indicated by Tish already)

Good Job.Practice more so you can be apart of the IFATC

Nice work.
But in my last pattern, where I requested a runway change, you should have send a ‘enter left downwind’ instead of a ‘enter left base’.
Otherwise good job.

enter down wind would have put you over the airport (if you requested that 04R from 09L ), I asked base so you would fly out more, and ideally not conflict with 09R or 10L traffic.


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Ok, I haven’t thought about that.

Giving them an incorrect pattern entry won’t make them fly a further pattern then they have been. Just throwing that out there.

if your going base or downwind, neither is wrong from the position he was in, plus he was half way downwind on 09L… for him to join downwind on 04L we would have had to turn 90 degrees fly over the entire airfield… then make a sharp turn, trying to make his life easier :P

¯_(ツ)_/¯ Doesn’t sound right to me but what do I know


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