ATC Practice @KMIA (TS1) (CLOSED)

Will be open for an hour so please come, Remain in the pattern, do transitions etc.


I am coming in 10 min :)
I will be Air France 1 1 9 or Nasa 1 1 9

Très bien. But in the final test you forgot to sequence me ;) (number 2 traffic to follow is on final) so I pretend to be a stupid pilot and I turned base :D. Be careful next time ^^

When are you taking your written?

I’ll try to show up.

Im taking the written today, my third and final time. Anyway how did i do?

Yes i forgot 🤦‍♂️ And what were you doing. If you were trying to do an asault landing you failed, you nose dived a 747 shuttle carrier and clocked in like 250 knots 😂

Well if you cleared me for the option I can do that 😂 (I know it is unrealistic)

Good luck with your written test!

You gave me the “you are already cleared to land” command. However there was a runway change and you failed to clear me for the new runway. That’s why I reported my position to remind you to see if you would give it.

It does not matter anymore chris, i failed the written for the third and final time so i will never be IFATC

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