ATC Practice @KMIA (TS1) (CLOSED)

I will be active for an hour so please come!

I am coming! Callsign: Air France 1 1 9

It was good but only one thing when you instruct someone to taxi to a runway choose the best runway. The one who is the closest to him ;)

When are you going to pass your tests?

For me I will try to pass the written test tomorrow (2nd attempt) but this time I am really prepared. I read so much things about ATC that I am now TL2 lol.

I know but i wanted all the traffic focused on 08R, And by the way dont be overconfident, like the famous josh and mark denton said being over confident and or cocky in IFATC wont make you last long even if you pass 100%, look at me i thought i would pass the written in my second attempt 100% and i failed… Learn.


Being confident is a great thing, but just dont be to confident if not you will expect more than what you might get ;)

That is definitely not good advice. Consider departures, arrivals, approaches, parallel runways, runway length, size of aircraft, intersecting runways, other traffic in the air and ground, weather, wind, and lastly, which runway is most convenient


Considering he was flying in the A320 family thats another reason for instructing him the smaller runway ;)

Stop trying to only use one runway for things. As a controller you service the pilot not the other way around.


Ok, Thanks for the advice.

Im boored, Im gonna Open It Up So Please Come While Im Open!!!

Good Job Chris, from what I have seen today you did pretty good. Although i didn’t get a chance for you to sequence other aircraft in the pattern that much, still it was good. Three things to correct yourself on, 1) when Delta 343 requested pattern then asked permission after takeoff for departure to the north, no need to send check help pages, if he had instead request to change frequency then that message would have been appropriate. 2). the left downwind for runway 9, you did correct yourself but just make sure you keep the space above the airport clutter free and do the right down wind as you did as it does take the plane a large amount of distance to turn. 3) When i was landing full stop, I saw another aircraft before the hold short line, after either exiting runway or he was just there, in any case, i was waiting for you to issue a go around, as that is considered as him being on the runway.


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Thank you ash for the feedback, It was chaotic, Socal chaotic! Anyway i corrected myself as i saw that these aircraft were using the left side of the airport instead of the right, giving you a huge space! Lots of aircraft came after you left. And i told him to check help pages because he said he wanted to remain in the pattern and he took off and departed, Sometimes you need because the person might not know what remaining in the pattern is. Anyway and i knew he was going to exit any way so i did not call a go around unless he was dead in the middle of the runway. Anyway hope you come to my next practice!

Chris, you have to call a go around, even though he was going to exit the runway, he didn’t and I was in short final, you cannot do that in the expert server as IFATC. I will try to come on some of your other practices as well. Have a good day.


Ok, I will next time. And i really didn’t notice him at all i thought he was already passed the hold short line but next time i will call the go around! Thank you and have a good day well for me night lol.

Why did you want to focus all the traffic on rny 08R?KMIA has several rny you have to try all of them when you can…

Also I took 2h learning from my errors in the written test only and more hours in the forum looking at the tutorials so no I know that I am nearly fully prepared and confident (not overconfident) and if I fail again I will contact a IF scout straight away. Why did you say that I am cocky 🤔 I didn’t say anything similar that you had say a few days ago 😂😂

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No when I said the closest to him I also take in count which rnwy I will be using for takeoffs (09 /08R/12 ) t&g (09 and 08L) and landings (all of the parralel rny)

I was not saying you’re cocky i am simply saying what Mark denton once told me.

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