ATC Practice- KMIA (TS1) (CLOSED)

Remain in the pattern, Do transitions, Come in for landing! Test me please!! Put me to the limit.

Is it already closed?

Yep. It says closed in the title.

If you want people to come fly patterns, dedicate some time. You’re not going to get anyone in just a short 15 minute time frame.


As @Henrikhas said if you want to be pushed to the limits with transitions and patterns then you need to give up at least 30-40 minutes of your time.

This morning, I waited 30 minutes and had 15 people at PHTO for me to control

It opened back up come guys come!

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You have good controller skills. But I noticed that you made one error. When someone says Inbound on the ILS you don’t have to instruct a pattern instruction. You do only that when there are inbound for landing etc…

Great job as expected.

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I have to give you a pattern instruction. Inbound on the ils basically means you are going to land with the instrument approach system. That was no error, the only scenario i dont give you a pattern instruction is when you are remaining in the pattern, i give you a pattern instruction when you call inbound or request a runway change or i make you change runways :)

False. When an aircraft is inbound on the ILS and calls that, just give a clearance with the number. They’re following their instruments down and not utilizing VFR. The only thing they can do relative to other planes is to speed up or slow down.


Thank you i did not know that :)

This is why scouts are reserved to give those types of answers. Don’t give feedback on things you’re not sure about.

And you said you were going to “ace” the practical thanks to knowing everything. 🙄

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Ayee man im just very stupid and i say stupid things…

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