ATC Practice- @KMIA (TS1) (CLOSED)

Practicing again in miami come and join.


Ready or not, here I come!

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I can’t contact tower until in the air 435BT ready for takeoff remaining in the pattern.

I’ll just fly inbound

You did very well schedule your test.

Matt DM me on slack!

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You did great for the most part. But I would recommend you work on your sequencing and making use of the available runways.

What do you mean sequencing was on point 👌

You told me to fill a half mile gap between a Dash and a jet. But don’t worry about it, other than that your sequencing was indeed on point.


From what I saw your sequencing was on point but I would have to agree with the runway usage. Having a game plan is great but be flexible.

Lmao your right i wanted to have evrybody to go on one runway so i could really put myself in the limit.

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Well i was thinking either call his base or resequence but by the time i was beggining to think about it you were already turning base lol.


Reaequencing him would have been the best option in that was a bit tight

Yes it would but it was a really tight space.

I meant making Matt #3 instead of the #2 you did sequence him.

Yup indeed it would of been the best option. Little errors lol

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Yep no worries as long as you learn from them. Have you scheduled your test yet?

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Believe it or not… my recruiter is tom grollman… and i failed the written twice 🤦‍♂️

You should probably use only one runway when aircraft are remaining in the pattern. Other than that nice job at controlling.

😂 it happens just don’t screw the pooche the next time. Baseball ⚾️