Use runway 26R ;) remain in the pattern :) Happy landings. Its windy by the way! TS1

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There you go! But windy haha

So, you forgot to clear me for option on my second t&g, but you didn’t forgot to give me “avoid sending duplicate …” after I remaind you. :(

I cleared you fro the option actually! As soon as yiu took of and were turning downwind i cleared you for the option! You called final full stop i said avoid duplicate and then i cleared you to land! Fare enough

You cleared me for first t&g, for second- never.image

You wont practice, you asked for feedback.
And I didn’t report full stop on the end, that was yesterday.

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Clearly cleared you for the option above

You’re not getting his point. You cleared him for his first pattern. On the second lap, you never did. Hence the report.

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Roger that then i was dealing with multiple aircraft being on my frequency spamming the sane thing. Man if this was expert they would have been ghosted 1000000 years ago

That is for my first t&g 00:16, for my second t&g on 00:28 you didn’t, so I reported position, and get “aviod sending dulicate…”

Well i forgot to clear you… distracted on those aircraft

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