ATC Practice - @KMIA [Closed]

Come to kmia in the south florida region and test my atc skills out! See you there.


I’m coming N68AAC c172

I’m coming now, if it’s not too late. AF112

Sorry I had to go and do some HW.

You did fantastic overall! But I will leave you with one simple bit of advice - “Always have the mindset that you are in control of your airport! Don’t let anyone control it besides you.” -Tyler

That may sound simple, but it goes a long way. :)


Fantastic advice, @Cessna_Driver. I’m going to have to keep that in mind for myself as well.


It was Tyler’s advice to all the IFATC. So thank him for the advice. I just like to pass it around.


Thank you sir! Appreciate the feed back! I thought i was only going to be active for only 30 minutes i did not expect people to come… but look almost open for 2 hours…

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Thanks for the service! Really nice job out there… a few things here and there to tweak (let me know if you want details and I’ll PM you) but really good job - loved the “avoid unnecessary reports”!! :)


Lol im training to be a commercial pilot! But i want to be a controller as well!!! And if i do become a controller i want to be one in KMIA mainly because i live less than 2 miles from the actual airport… and i love it… why do you think i always control at miami? Lmao


I think the only think i did bad at was the transition… I really dont know what the airspace extends to so i just gave you 3,000 if that was alright

Airspace goes 5,000ft above the airport. 3,000 is fine - although 3,500+ would be probably more appropriate.

Anything else i did bad on? And thanks lol i dont even know what my home airports airspace extends to 😂

He also scolded someone with the "This is not a taxiway command.’ Haven’t heard that one in a while! Love it.

Well he was taxing through a bunch of residential spaces and ran through concurse D and Concourse J so I think That was appropriate

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Yeah, I freecamed over to him to see what the commotion was about. The command was definitely justified.

All airports in IF go to 5,000 above - not sure in real life :).

You forgot the left/right traffic when clearing me on my first rwy change. On my last one you told me to enter right base for 09 - right downwind would be more appropriate.

Other than that I’d just be carefull with intersection departures and arrivals on 12 / 09.

Excellent work!

What is wrong with people?? This one person in a 747 ran into the atc tower 😂 Straight into me like how does he know where the tower is?

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Roger that will tale that into consideration! Thank you!

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3,000 works fine. Rule of thumb is 500 feet above VFR traffic when also operating as VFR. 1,000 for IFR/commercial conditions. Take the pattern height of whatever aircraft is flying in the pattern at the time and base your decision off of that.

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