ATC Practice - @KFLL (TS1) [Closed]

Come in remain in the pattern! Inbounds,Transitions, And Runway Changes would be appreciated! Thanks


Alright. After doing some patterns and transitions I only have a few things I’d recommend you practice.

  • Your transition altitudes
  • Making sure you are sending the right command
  • Exiting runway commands

Other than that, great job!

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Roll the trucks. Just crashed on the ramp…

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I am on my way (I hope it is not too late)

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Well It is closed now 😔

Well the right commands thing is just my thumbs twitching and someone told me transition alt 5000Ft so i guess 2500-3500?

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That is what I would usually do. You might want to bring it up with a scouter or recruiter though.

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