Atc practice Gatwick Playground EGKK

I would like to train my ATC Skills again. Come to Gatwick (EGKK) on ATC Playground. Feedback and improvement proposuals after the session are much appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by!


Get ready I’m coming back.

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N86KS is outside of your airspace and at FL180. He doesn’t need to contact you.

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Minor point on EGKK is that both runways are not used simultaneously. Actully 08L/26R is never used as a runway unless 08R/26L is closed for maintenance.

Also sorry I stopped when you asked me to line up. However, I saw the aircraft on 3nm final and wasn’t sure whether it was coming on for 08L (the one you cleared me on to) or 08R so stopped to check first.

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Most errors im seeing are pilot errors.

Like this guy landing on wrong runway right now.

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Sorry I didn’t stick around so didn’t spot any of the pilot errors in the brief period I was - but I don’t doubt that.

You handled my go around and aborted takeoff well.

Thank you for your feedback. It will help me to become better and better

Apart from what I noted above you seemed fine :)

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