ATC Practice for this Novice

Ok might have put this in the wrong place but didn’t really know where to post this…
I would like get some ATC time in but I’m a total novice when it comes to this, anyone know any relatively easy airports to start out on?
I made sure to read the tutorials on ATC beforehand, its only cause somone happened to mention about ATC in a none related post.

Try KSFO. Not too busy, not too empty.

@anon41771314 thanks for that, I’ll give it a shot tommorw, far too late now for me (2 am not a good time to be ATC for me)

I’m not so sure, KSFO can be pretty overwhelming at times for beginners. I remember trying KSFO during my early ATC days - it was difficult for me to keep up with all the aircraft.

I’d recommend something more like KSAN or KATL.
And remember, on Training Server, chances are you’ll come across at least one or two aircraft who don’t want to follow directions. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you’ll be able to do to force them to follow your instructions.


Also if you are looking to practice your ATC skills, with the final goal of becoming IFATC on the Expert Server then I recommend setting up an ATC tracking thread, which is where you can announce when you are open.

This will allow pilots to come by and fly some patterns and provide feedback to yourself.

You can take a look at my old ATC tracking thread (linked below) as an example.


@Declan_O @racerclc Thanks guys as soon as I get a chance I’ll post a ATC thread and let everyone know when I’m on Ok GMT +1 is gonna be a bit of headache for some, but I do want to get a feel for ATC.


This belongs in ATC section.

Nope, no need if it’s already resolved

Totally sorted thanks. Just gotta wait to re new my sub

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