ATC Practice @ EGLC [Closed]

I would like to train my ATC Skills again. Come to London City (EGLC) on ATC Playground. Feedback and improvement proposuals after the session are much appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Give me a Minute 👍🏻

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I would suggest you pick a parallel runway airport to do your practicing at. A lot can be gauged from EGLC but not as much as a parallel runway.

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For next time Thank you


@Wolff_Stolk still open?

Yes but you are the only one.

@Wolff_Stolk sorry, I keep getting phone calls, give me a few minutes and I will taxi

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@Wolff_Stolk great job bro. I dont know if its just me but I tried to follow the ILS and it felt a little steep.

P.S. im not a big A321 user so excuse my crappy speed

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Thank you huys for joining. I already learned more than controlling a airport in southern california. Thank you

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