ATC practice EDDL [Closed]

I would like to train my ATC Skills again. Please come to Düsseldorf (EDDL) on ATC Playground. Feedback and improvement proposuals after the session are much appreciated.
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He joined.:-)

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Hi Wolff_Stolk,

I was N491FY in a Cessna Citiation X.

  • Pushback: Before you approve a pushback, take a closer look if there are 2 aircrafts at 1 Gate

  • Before you say that I have to give way, the command “hold position” would be better

  • I had to wait 5 minutes for takeoff, although there was nearly no traffic. That’s not a big mistake, so not get in panic or under pressure. Take your time. It was possible to give me takeoff clearance earlier, at bigger airports and more traffic this could make more problems for you.

  • After my second landing you told me to make right traffic, and changed it some moments later to left traffic. Why? There was no reponsable reason for that. I followed this introduction and you noticed that this make a bigger problem. Because the aircraft which was holding short didn’t followed introductions and took off late. I was at around 1000ft and had to change the runway to avoid a going around. And: I requested a landing, not a touch-go. You gave me a option clearence, a landing clearence was expected.

But all in one, you skills are good and you only have to prove them a bit. Well done.

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Thank you for you feedback. I will work on that.

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