ATC practice @EBLG [Closed]

Im practicing for my ATC test and feel free to join me!
Starting @1730 GMT
Airport: EBLG Liège Airport
PG server!

That’s in 1h10m right?
Might be stopping by!

Maybe add something saying that the session is on ATC Playground either in the title or the description to ensure there is no confusion.


No it starts in 10 mins

Just use the invite function


Time shift! Zulu isn’t GMT anymore!

O lol RIP me

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ATC is online!


Rate the ATC /10

7/10 Will leave more detailed feedback via PM if you want ((:


All feedback is welcome ;)

Oh,i was just for 1 minute and for what i saw you did very well!

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@scandinaviangroup we are now 1 hour later, are you ready for some ATC

ATC back in action

Can u join my Zello Channel? Name: EBLG IF

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