Will be at ebbr controlling for an hour join in to test my controlling skills! Ts1 i am there right now!


He stated in in the title, and in the original post, but I was confused too without the capitalization:)

And the heading title is different to the body text ICAO! haha, confused me!

Woooooooooooow it’s windy!

Oh sorry I took off from the wrong runway!

And I just had to go… sorry

Will be there in a Dash-8 as CAPT-M.

Edit: Guess who crashed on takeoff…


Respawn back please! I was doing a good job

You really ought to apply for ifatc, you know what you are doing… you made no errors

If you are interested, message @anon66442947

I already have buddy! I just failed the test multiple times!

Lol and @anon66442947 is my recruiter

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Well guys im done already 50 minutes of ops im going to close it please rate me if able!

I will do another practice at the different airport later!

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