ATC practice Düsseldorf (EDDL) Training Server 1 Closed

I would like to train my ATC Skills again. Come to the Amsterdam region (EDDL) on ATC training server 1. Feedback and improvement proposuals after the session are much appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by!

Ok, comin over …

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Coming… 🙂

Trainingserver 2, aye? No active ATC in EDDL…🤔
BTW…its server 1…not two…lol


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The best solution is to join IFATC

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I am sorry I lost my internet connection for a second.


Thanks for hosting this ^^ the only problem i faced was being cleared no.1 for 23R but you asked me to maintain slowest practical and got Thai to turn base. As far as i know, my logs still showed you cleared me no.1 on 23R for the option while i was on left downwind.

Yep…could feel your breath on my neck there😂

Yea I know my mistake

@anon43874684 XD i was fumbling around my mini screen to go around and deactivated my entire AP. Then my mum came and gave me fruits so i was distracted in all areas =p

@Wolff_Stolk Well, we all are learning. I enjoyed the session, again thanks for hosting ^^


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