ATC Practice at KORD [CLOSED]

Good evening, pilots!

I currently am running the Ground and Tower frequencies at KORD in TS1 to practice my ATC abilities! I’ll be at it for an hour or two (probably) so if you feel like doing a short route from KORD-MKME or any of the nearby Midwest airports or just feel like working on nailing your pattern work & landings, come on by!

If you’re part of the IFATC team, come take a flight then message me and tell me how I did! All constructive criticism is welcome.

See you on the flight line!

Coming right out! A large airport like KORD is difficult for beginners though.

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Coming in, callsign MURICA in a (shocking) 747-8

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I don’t think I’m a beginner… over 2000 operations 😋 I guess we will see how it goes!


Lol, I’m down. Want me to PM you feedback or do you want it here?
I just love the Q, the agility, low stall speeds, and the looks of the beauty is awesome! Got too aggressive with the barrel roll though.

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I have nothing to complain about (not even the thunder like noises of planes flying over my hotel room every minute, every aviation geek loves that)

A PM would be great. Interesting patten work out there 😂


I love me a tight pattern!


Thank you for the feedback!

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Don’t forget to put closed on your title :) I changed it for you.

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