ATC practice at KFAT (Fresno ,Ca

Since joining the IF community I wanted to do everything from flying little planes to join the global Air Force. Now I have my eyes on doing ATC work. Help me practice and become a rising star in the IFATC world.

Starting 3/22/22 - 3/29/22 on Training server 2 I will be doing ground and tower control at KFAT (Fresno Yosemite International Airport) home of the Fresno State Bulldogs.

I ask and all Pilots and explores to join me inFresno for some pattern work and enjoy some fun in the sun. The Only Rule I ask is that all Pilots are respect ATC rules and utilize ATC appropriately and fly as if it were expert server

Hey @GAF-MrAvaiator. How have you been?

We are glad that you have embraced the ATC career. An ATC Tracking Thread is very useful to help you refine your ATC skills with the help of many members who come to fly under your control.

Just make sure your thread follows these rules in the title please:

Also change your thread category from General to ATC.


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