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Hello everyone, yesterday I passed the IFATC written test and I’m now looking forward to the practical… It would be nice (idk if iti is allowed) if u give me some tips and stuff like that and if it it easier or more difficult then the written…

PS: I don’t really know in wich category this should be so feel free to change it

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There is a video tutorial. Can’t find the link right now, you can look it up.

I would suggest you review the manual

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over here you may find some great answers on your question

Apart of what said above, apply to training

You can make an ATC tracking thread and people will give you feedback

Hey there

Did you pass the official IFATC written test, or the practice one that was published yesterday? If you did the practice one you may need to redo it officially. Anyway, contact your trainer and he’d advise you better and make sure you’re ready 👍

Good luck with your tests 🙂

What @Aviation3 said, create a tracking thread.

Use this thread:
How To Make ATC Tracking Threads

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Hi there! Your recruiter here. 👋

If you’re looking specifically for advice and feedback, then I’d really recommend utilising the ATC Training Team to help you fully prepare for the practical test, as I signposted to you in my message to you the other day. They’re a really friendly and helpful team, and will be able to help you build your competence and confidence in tower and ground controlling in preparation for your practical test.

Other than that, we do of course have some really handy ATC Tutorials found in #tutorials:atc, and of course our detailed ATC Manual, if you were looking for some further reading and theory related help. I also linked with you the example ‘perfect ATC test’ video we currently have on YouTube to give you a feel for what the practical test may entail. It doesn’t really beat the practice that official training gives you though!

Hope this helps, best of luck in your preparation, and of course feel free to get back to me when you’re ready to take the practical! :)



Check out this vid! Best of luck and my PM’s are always open :))

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Bro this looks more difficult than my math exams and very long. 😂😂

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lol but truely has very useful info only important stuff

If u read and understand from it your gonna ace the test

Thank u Adam!

Thanks to everyone

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