ATC Practical Test Tips?

Hey Everybody!
Today is my Practical Test!
Any Tips that can help me pass?


Focus, remain calm, and enjoy it! You’ll do amazing!

Don’t think of it as a test. Remember to give pattern entries, sequencing, and clearances. Maybe a quick review of the user guide and YouTube series?

Best of luck to you, I can’t wait to see you thrive in IFATC!


Think of it as one of the training sessions, if you did those. Don’t overthink it!

Good luck!

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Don’t overthink it. Take a deep breath, have fun!

Hope to see you in IFATC soon!


My personal suggestion, is to divide the pattern into sections, to instruct your aircraft with the set pattern entry/sequence, and clearance as they pass a certain point in the pattern.

Best of luck, just don’t overthink it!


Watching this before my practical definitely helped me. Best of luck!


Awesome news, that’s a huge step! Wether you pass, or fail, congrats!

Just stay calm and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. The more you stress about messing up, the more you’ll mess up. But if you just stay focused and calm, and forget about making mistakes, you’ll be all good. Don’t stress about failing either, as you can always try again. That extra stress will make it harder to stay focused. Also, have fun! The more you’re enjoying yourself in the control tower, the better you’ll be — and that’s the key to taking any test (except maybe school tests, those aren’t fun 😜). I really hope you pass and I can’t wait to see you in the control tower soon, good luck!

Get something to drink so you’re not dehydrated too. Always helps me when I’m about to do something big.

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Staying calm can result in better results. Maybe try to listen to some music and stay away from the forum and slacks, if in any, an hour or two before your practical to really chill out and do your best when the time comes. :)


Enjoy it!

Looking back the practical it is one of the most fun things in the process, even if you are stressing now. Mistakes are human and if you make any don´t let them discourage you, build on them and fix problems / situations that occour, don´t just let them happen.

As stated above the Resources in the IFATC Training and Recruiting post provide great coverage to revise one last time before the big test.

I hope to see you with us soon!


For me, flying a pattern at the airport beforehand really helps calm my nerves. This is always a great idea when opening any frequency anywhere. All of the above advice is great as well.

Best of luck!


Just try to forget about it and relax. You know what your doing. Relax and drink some water.

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Just be focused, get the basics down, don’t overwhelm yourself… calmness is key! Honestly, practical test should not be that bad if you know those basics…
Good luck!

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Go outside a minute. Take a chewing-gum, and once you know your airport try a short pattern there to have the plan in mind. Hope that helps!
See ya in IFATC workspace!

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I mean the rest of the team has explained a lot of good tips. Just focus well, have small notes written down on a paper (I still do that to this day) and be simple yet smart.

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Everyone is saying this, but I think it’s one thing that can’t be emphasized enough.

Stay Calm

Don’t let the flashing strips get to your head. Focus on systematically handing out commands. Take your time to double check every command before you send it.

You’re going to do amazing!

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And if you fail, you can get some extra assistance here to make sure you pass your next session!

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Ok everybody
My test is beginning right now! Thanks for all the tips!


Let us know how it goes :)

Thanks everyone for the tips! The test went well and we’ve got another user joining the ranks of IFATC :)


Great job, @FLIGHT2! You’re joining an amazing team of controllers and people - I’m sure we all look forward to working with you!

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