ATC Practical Exam

Hi everyone, I’m taking the ATC practical exam soon. Are there any other recommendations for me besides watching youtube tutorials, and reviewing the ATC manual? Thank you for answering!

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Opening a Tracking Thread to get some extra practice

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Practice makes perfect. If you haven’t, going through the IFATC Training process or creating your own tracking thread is one of the most useful things you can do.

If you have already opted for training with an official IFATC Trainer, please be patient as it may take a while until a trainer is able to take on a new trainee.

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Hey, hope to see you in IFATC soon! Read over the manual and as @J-F_V said open some tracking threads to help you practice and get the basics of clearances, sequences and how to handle pattern work and runway changes.


IFATC Specialist


My best advice is to know the airport you will control. Before the test even starts, look for potential conflict areas (Usually entering the terminal area from main taxiways and runway entrances and exits.), and know the transition altitude beforehand.

In some cases, watch terrain and plan a good pattern.

Those are my best tips! Good luck on the exam; I can’t wait to see you soon in the IFATC group!

I watched the „perfect ATC test“ from Tyler literally 100 times. I tried to understand it in every detail. Am I read the manual several times. This helped me most.
Good luck!

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