ATC POV replay function not working well

I like watching my landings every once in a while from the point of view of the ATC tower, but when I am at a crowded airport, when I double tap on my where my plane is, the camera randomly zooms onto another plane. This is something that I’ve noticed since the 19.2 update was released.

Before the update, from the POV of ATC, I could double tap on any plane and the camera will fix itself on the plane I chose to zoom in on. This function does not seem to be working the way it used to anymore, I have a very hard time zooming in on the plane I’d like to see. I can be facing the opposite direction trying to zoom in on a plane I am seeing, but the camera will fix itself on a plane that is a complete different area from the field of view I was aiming for.

This is a small issue that needs to be patched up.

Had the same problem, but the Hotfix update fixed it. Were you already able to install it? If not: Check your Appstore or Playstore it the update is available.

Didn’t notice I hadn’t added the hotfix. Thanks!

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