ATC post global: my ideas

ATC in infinite flight since it’s creation has been one of the main parts of the live experienc, but what will happen to it after global? Obviously global brings hundreds of new airports for us to enjoy, but that’s the main problem. With so many airports we won’t have “regions” to lock down the player base on. And then there’s the player base. The player base is obviously largely disconnected from communication and won’t agree on one place to fly in while the controllers are organized together and can control certain places together. As we know the controllers are not usually on at the same time and having only 1-3 controlled airports open at a time will take away from the grand scale of global. This mixed with the possibiltity of global being open to only live+ subscribers could seriously hurt the gameplay. So here’s my suggestion:

While I’m not the most popular among IFATC I think IFATC should begin recruiting a larger number of people to control the wonderful skies of infinite flight live. I think the IFATC team should discuss options and share with the community on how they’re going to make global an amazing experience for all infinite flight live players (because you guys are great and can do it).

EDIT: I’m stupid and didn’t realized there was a flighrcast about this. So…think of this as discussion for what us users think is best


IFATC will continue recruiting at its usual pace. The standards won’t drop to account for these extra controllers we apparently need. Tyler has many great ideas on ATC after Global is released aswell


Man, if only there was an interview or something out there where we laid out our entire plan for IFATC with Global…


Aaaand that’s how I know I haven’t been paying enough attention to the community. You can close this topic if you want haha

EDIT: is this flightcast you speak of


To add on to what Chatta said, they will plan on have areas in the world where ATC sets up. So you can fly in a specific region of the world with ATC for a certain period of time.

Regarding recruiting a larger number of people to IFATC: I prefer quality, not quantity.
I believe the IFATC recruiters/mods thinks the same.

But for reals… We truly have stuck by quality over quantity. I realize the availability does suffer but we truly feel that customers prefer the realism over having every frequency open when you’re talking about a server that is clearly labeled for the “Expert” experience. Are we perfect? Heck no, but we invest a ton of time in recruiting, screening, training, and interior organization based on community feedback.

The training server vs the Expert Server is a great argument for what you’ve presented. Nearly every frequency in SoCal is open on any given day but how many of those controllers are controlling you with competency, precision, and real world Air Traffic fundamentals in mind?

For those that don’t want to find the interview, my three plans which I allow to take shape organically over the first weeks are:

  1. IFATC will control routes such as KJFK-EGLL, opening all available positions for that route.

  2. IFATC will control regions such as the Midwest, Europe, Middle East, etc

  3. IFATC will control HUBs so you’ll see all major Southwest, United, or BA hubs staffed to promote flying that carrier.

Appreciate the thread and feel free to voice what you like and don’t like once it’s out and such. We obviously want to make this enjoyable for both sides!


Excellent ideas, thanks for sharing.

No problem! My plan would be to rotate these manning styles maybe by day or by week and see which one sticks. We’ll determine this based on feedback and the visual results of traffic volume and such. Ultimately it’s gotta happen organically as I mentioned above. If we force one of the three then you’ll find that we are probably missing out on something much better.


This is great - staff the places where the people are! I’m just interested in one thing: will there still be Friday Night Flights and Turbulent Tuesdays? Or will it be redone?

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I see no reason as to why they can’t continue. I reckon they may get tweaked slightly but the concept will likely remain.

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Maybe it will be something like a flight from LAX-NRT in the ANA 787-10.
But I don’t know.

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@Tyler_Shelton… First Blush… Global with “Limited IFATC Service” is understandable initially as long as a full structure is represent for trans-oceanic routing. (Also sounds like pre-planned out of the can Flight Plans). You have a monumental task facing you Sir. You can keep some of the people satisfied some of the time etc. Good Luck, Max Sends


The initial release of global will not include Center frequency of any kind. Something they are working on behind the scenes, as we have tested it’s very easy to set your device and walk away. So being away from your device passing thru active sectors isn’t plausable at this stage. That and the fact the current setup doesn’t distinguish sectors. It will be evolving as is everything, but don’t expect the full fledged system in the initial release.


@Brandon_Sandstrom . No Center! Who controls the trans oceanic, are we going back to 1927? Also do you really expect the membership to fly 8/10+ hour long haul legs and remain motivated and satisfied? Flying long legs on AP is a drag, and gets old quickly. Just Sayin.


I totally agree with you. I wouldn’t be able to attempt vatsim flights if I didn’t constantly check to see if atc came online.

Although, it would be a lot of work to create. You would have to program all of the center airspace. And it would be a big change from what currently exists.

One step at a time, right?


Just giving you the facts man. No beating around the bush here.


@Reedgreat@Brandon_Sandstrom… No body said it was gonna be ez! As more info gets released (compromised) the more it sounds like the “Global Game” where you drop in periodically, turn a knob and joke, smoke and listen for the alarm. I’m sticking with GA. Good nite all, gotta sleep on this revolting development. Max


Of course the best way to help out would be to join IFATC. The bigger the team grows the more flexible IFATC can become. Ultimately the real world setup is the only solution in my opinion. There needs to be ATC converage all across the globe. The first step in getting there would be to have anyone who is eligible to become IFATC to join. The rest Tyler will make fall into place.

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This is because most people won’t even be active while flying these long routes especially the oceanic part as there is little to see. Global will be a massive change so the Devs and Mods don’t know what will work so as time goes on they may find centre is needed and so it can be added. Go along with it and I’m sure it will end up being a good medium for everyone.

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