ATC Points on Expert Server


**I have seen people argue...**
  1. Grade is broken
  2. Server is broken
  3. High/low flyer doesn’t know how to use atc
    4, Not everyone willing to learn atc


 **ATC Points**
  1. ATC Points for interacting with controllers on expert server
    (No Training server, no farming points)

  2. Let’s people move up the ladder, not being complacent

  3. Makes people to participate widely on FNF, atc schedule and events.

4, Will make less ppl setting up long flight just for Xp counts

5, Less load on server with inactive auto flights

6, Less saturated flights on unicom frequency

  • The atc Points could be reset every 60/90days so it won’t bring old users dilemma high xp vs less atc.
    That’s it, sorry I’m not good with the formats, feel free to leave comments, sample pic above and don’t forget to vote if you like the idea, thanks

“Training server or unicorn” may wanna fix that. Also this won’t help much.

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I think you need a little correction with unicorn 😂🤣
Don’t you mean Unicom?


Some people likes bragging rights so it might push them towards real atc