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Hi there, the reason I am writing this is because I have seen several ATCs making a mistake that can lead to an accident or to a pilot not doing what ATC wants. I’m talking about Above Ground Level (AGL) and At Sea Level (ASL) Altitudes. ATCs are telling pilots to descend to 3000ft to intercept ILS and they are NO paying attention to the Airport altitude Above Sea Level. This is very important for an ATC because they can send the right Altitude to intercept with ILS. If an airport is 2000ft AGL, then ATC must assign an altitude of 5000ft AGL to intercept with ILS path. Please, before assigning Altitudes, make sure you check in the map the desired airport relation to the sea. Thank you very much!


Good point amigo, I’ll post something about this tonight for all ATC on the advanced server to clear it up.

good point…

When you’re dragging your finger to send a vectoring instruction, the little flyout above your finger shows the altitude at that point. You can also use this as a reference.

We will make this even better soon with more helpers to avoid collisions with terrain.


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good stuff

Thank you very much~

I’m becoming more proficient with approach am I correct in thinking the speed we see in ATC is ground speed not air speed? I see people on large planes going 700 knots + which I can’t get them to do so I assume it’s ground speed.

It’s ground speed yes.

Sweet that’s what I figured just wanted to make sure also is there any way of broadcasting vertical speed some fly 1000 vs which is normal from what I’ve seen on approach patterns and such but some are coming in at 2000 vs and like aspen requires a 1300 vs.

Atc when i can follow flight live??

Please Reframe your sentence, cant understand anything. :blush:

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